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Confident Non-Escalation®: This is Where De-Escalation Training Begins

Confident Non-Escalation®: This is Where De-Escalation Training Begins

Don McCrea, President
Premier Police Training, LLC
“The training that Don provides is exceptional and would be beneficial for law enforcement officers of all levels of experience and rank.”
Sergeant Gabriel Kowalek

The alarming increase in lawsuits against officers and agencies is crippling the image of the law enforcement profession nationwide.

Law enforcement officers and agencies are more vulnerable today than ever before as evidenced by:

  • The growing number of lawsuits filed against officers and agencies
  • Increasing levels of community distrust
  • Officers experiencing the abrupt and untimely end of their careers

Our profession responded to these issues by identifying de-escalation training as a way to fix today’s law enforcement “problem”.

While de-escalation training is important, it is reactive in nature and doesn’t address officer-induced escalation, which is the real cause of the majority of lawsuits against officers and agencies. Regardless of rank, many officers are making critical mistakes during police-citizen encounters. These mistakes are happening more often than agencies realize, and place officers, agencies, and communities at risk every day.

Don’t be the next agency facing an avoidable lawsuit. Protect your agency and greatly reduce the chance of being sued with these proven techniques and strategies. Officers must be confident and articulate in their lawful authority through every step of a citizen contact from beginning to end. This is key to obtaining voluntary compliance and it works.

Offered only through Premier Police Training, LLC, Confident Non-Escalation® is a unique and proactive training program specifically designed to significantly reduce lawsuits, restore community trust, and save the careers of otherwise good and decent officers.

Taught By Don McCrea
  • Search and Seizure & Use of Force Expert
  • 35+ Years in Law Enforcement
  • IADLEST Nationally Certified Instructor
  • IADLEST International Certified Instructor

Considered to be a leading expert in Search & Seizure and Use of Force, Don brings a level of experience, passion, and commitment to serving both law enforcement officers and citizens that is second-to-none.